Lareaux's Furniture Wax

Lareaux's Furniture Paste wax is a wood cleaner/conditioner/wax that adds a beautiful luster and shine to any furniture. It contains beeswax, carnuba and orange oils and will protect against moisture, spills and cracking on finished and unfinished wood. Great over raw wood, reclaimed, antiques, milk paint, midcentury or modern furniture. 

Available in 8oz jars. If you use once a month, an 8oz jar should last 1 year.

Application instructions:
Apply liberally, working with the direction of the grain. Wait 10 mins
Buff back excess with a clean cloth, buffing in the direction of grain.

About our Wax:

Lareaux's Furniture Paste wax was developed by woodworkers and craftsman after learning what really goes into "commercial" paste wax products. We developed this product after we tried everyone else's waxes, creams and polishes and knew we could do better.

We removed the harsh solvents that slowly degrade the finish of your furniture; From the high end woodworkers paste waxes (that contain turpentine or mineral spirits), to products like "Howard's feed n' wax" that contains the same solvent used in zippo lighter fluids (naphtha) to things like "pledge" that dry out the wood... This isn't stuff you want to put on your table or have around your family, let alone touch or come into contact with daily. 

Then we tried recipes that contain olive oil and beeswax (you will see tons of these on Etsy), and those weren't great either; just creating a hazy mess. Real woodworkers and furniture makers don't use this stuff and now we know why.

After playing around for several months, we developed a great product with NO harsh solvents. Our wax has a great "close to the wood" look, moisture resistance and will condition and highlight the natural beauty of raw, reclaimed and finished furniture; both new and old. 

Contains Organic Beeswax, Organic Carnuba Wax, Orange Oil and a third (food safe) secret ingredient.