As a furniture maker + designer, you constantly have ideas. Often those ideas are mediocre, and are only very rarely punctuated with original ones. Even less frequent are ideas that you are able to execute that come together perfectly; just as you imagined.

This design is one of them.

A Solid black walnut coffee table sits in juxtaposition with a very original geometric raw steel rod base fabricated in house, then powder coated with a playful array of colors.

You won't see anything quite like anywhere else this as it is an entirely original creation!


Dimensions : 47 x 22 x 16

-Solid 1" Walnut tabletop, with beveled profile and slightly rounded corners. 

-Finish schedule is a conversion varnish basecoat and commercial grade satin topcoat that protects and seal the beautiful wood underneath.

-Sanded dead flat in our widebelt sander. 

Please expect variation in the layout of the base. Each one is handmade and will be slightly unique.

Ships via blanket service delivery or crate/freight with curbside delivery based on your location.