The April, Glass + Brass Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table

The April: Live Edge Black Walnut Dining Table with Glass Insert

This was a piece that was inspired by the glass river tables and live edge tables that have become so ubiquitous in recent years. Rather than simply screw metal legs on this table and “call it a day”, the creative envelope was pushed and reset many times during this project. Many disciplines of furniture artistry were used and included; design, woodworking, finishing, metalworking, and brazing. The ultimate goal was to create a live edge black walnut dining table that was drop dead stunning and unique.

A perfectly useable walnut slab was cut in half (eek!) and inverted with the live edge in the center and a tempered glass insert was installed in the center of the piece to create a wood table with glass “river”. Solid brass plate and flat bar were implemented in several areas of the table to increase rigidity, and custom CNC'ed bowties finished the piece in checked areas of the live edge slab.The brass plate was brazed together, ground and polished to a mirror finish.


Dimensions: 96L x 38W x 30H

Solid Walnut Live Edge Slab 2.5" thick.

3/8" Tempered Glass Channel

6-10 week lead time minimum lead time required.

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