We have children and are concerned about the durability of the table. Is your finish water and scratch proof?

Our furniture is extremely durable, as well as water and spill resistant. We actually use two, sometimes three finishing coats on a single piece. Each table is sanded, then 1-2 basecoats of cross linked polyurethane is applied via a spray gun and cured, then a final topcoat is carefully applied. This topcoat is a very durable commercial grade satin / matte finish that is so strong it is often used in flooring applications! There is no furniture grade finish we are aware of that is scratch and water proof (besides bartop epoxy which results in an extremely undesirable look), so we ask our customers to be mindful of things like dragging heavy items across the surface, not leaving spills for an extended period of time before wiping them up, using permanent inks or paints on an unprotected top, etc. In addition, we recommend treating your furniture with our Lareaux's Furniture Wax at least twice a year (some people swear by monthly applications!) to maintain the finish and durability of your furniture. Check out our care tips here!


Is there a difference between Walnut, Black Walnut, American Walnut and Black American Walnut?

No, They are the same woods and these names are used interchangeably. We source our walnut from and work directly with the Amish sawyers and mills to ensure a consistently high level of quality hardwood. You can read more about the hardwoods we use to fabricate our furniture here.


Can you make my furniture without having lighter and darker color variations throughout?

In order to produce a piece with no natural tone variation, use of stain is indicated. None of our product photos are of stained pieces. This is because our designs are centered around showcasing and highlighting the natural beauty of various hardwoods (especially Walnut!). As well, there are numerous factors to consider when using stain on high grade hardwood, including things like grain density across the various pieces used to make a single item, ambient temperature at the time of application, and stain being produced in different 'lots' (like having two gallons of paint tinted at different times), to name a few. If you really desire a particular stain finish on your piece, please contact us so that we can discuss customisation and options (or perhaps talk you out of it...). 

We try to post images that honestly reflect the look of the wood. Product shots are done with minimal background color and with 'natural' lighting (not 'cool' or 'warm'). Sample pieces can be sent upon request for you to better visualise how the wood will look in your home, and with your existing furnishings.


What is the difference between Walnut and Mixed Walnut?

The lighter streaks of our "Mixed Walnut" is simply "sap wood" (the darker Walnut is the "heart wood"), and is the wood near the bark of the walnut tree. We used 'plain sawn' walnut which means the log is cut into slices along the length of the tree, which then becomes lumber. To create a piece with no light / blonde streaks we have to remove this lighter colored wood, which unfortunately becomes unusable waste in the wrong hands. We find this marriage of sap and heart woods to be kind of magical, capable of creating furniture that is simply stunning, which is why we offer it specifically as a variation of our classic Santa Monica, and are happy to use it for other pieces as well, upon request! (Fun Fact: this is also why 'dark' walnut pieces come with a premium price tag, as there is much more waste created by scrapping the lighter areas.)


Can you stain the wood a color to match an existing piece of mine?

As we don't work with stains, and have run into issues on previous custom orders matching client's existing pieces, we are not able to offer color matching on our end. We are happy to send a sample piece of finished wood to make it easier for you to match to what you have in your home, upon request.


Can you modify the existing dimensions of one of your pieces of furniture to fit our space?

Absolutely, and as a matter of fact, approximately 60% of our orders are custom, and we have literally hundreds of bespoke orders under our collective belt! Send us an email or give us a call to discuss your particular needs. 


I am interested in one of your steel geometric table bases for use with an existing tabletop, do you sell just the bases?

No, we don't sell the bases by themselves. 


We're ready to order but are wondering if you can have our furniture delivered faster than your lead time?

Sometimes. If you desire receipt of your order sooner than the stated lead time please message us. Our ability to rush fabrication depends entirely upon the volume in the shop at that point in time.


I would like to have a custom table / bed / dresser made, and I have a picture of one that I really like, can you make it for me?

We are always happy to create custom furniture, and to get your input as to what you ultimately want from us. After all, it's your purchase and trust in us as skilled craftsmen to help you create something you absolutely love! This being said, we do not copy/reproduce/replicate other designer's work, out of respect to our craft and the people in the same line of work as us. Reproducing discontinued pieces or asking us to reproduce something to avoid paying a much higher retail price tag falls under this umbrella as well. 


We ordered a custom piece but it doesn't work in our space, do you accept returns?

As stated in our Terms of Service, refunds are not available for custom order pieces. We work very closely with our clients throughout the fabrication process for custom orders, so it is very unlikely that there will be an element to your piece you're not expecting. We like surprises as well as the next person, just not when it comes to bespoke furniture.  


Do you accept returns for made to order (non-custom) pieces?

We will accept returns on a case-by-case basis within five days after delivery. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details.


Questions in regards to shipping and delivery? Check this out!