The Prima :: Claro Walnut Dining Table


The Prima :: Claro Walnut Dining Table

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Being a morning person, this table was only made between the hours of 5:30 to 8:30 am, which is my favorite time to work. I was able to work with minimal interruptions at my most creative time during the day which really made this a fun and enjoyable project. The result is this beautiful dining table.

Three months in the making, this is a one off piece crafted from a stunning solid 1 & 3/4" thick Claro Walnut slab that sits atop a 2" thick Nakishima inspired solid walnut midcentury base. Subtle details in the base include a reverse cove edge profile on the leg system and roundovers featured throughout.

At the tail end of the project I added custom made solid Brass boomerang keys that are inlaid in several places throughout the piece, and are echoed with brass plugs in the leg system.

This table is finished with a hand applied and buffed, Low VOC, 2 part Oil finish to enhance the natural luster and sheen of this incredible wood.

Dimensions + Details

-108"L x 33"/35"W x 30"H,
-Claro Walnut, American Walnut,
-Solid Brass inlays,
-Solid Brass plugs,
-Bridal Joinery, reverse cove on legs, roundover edge radius on all structural members,

***Please note, due to the complexity and bespoke nature of sourcing your slab, this project starts at the listed price and will depend on current MP of the slab. As well, this piece will take approximately 10-12 weeks to produce (but it's totally worth it!)***

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