First, thank you for your business! We are a (very) small company, striving to provide you with the best in design and construction, giving you truly heirloom pieces to use and cherish for many years. In order to have the most pleasant and stress free shipping and delivery experience possible, it is important to read through all of the following information thoroughly, and contact us with any questions or concerns. 

The Shipping Rates as shown below display a range based on order total. All shipping charges are flat rate based on order total, and are an offset from what we actually pay our Carrier (what we charge is typically 25-30% of the total cost to ship). Additionally, we have whittled down the Carriers we are willing to work with, as each piece of furniture we make is hand made and more often than not custom made-to-order. This means we are not willing to ship our items with the "lowest bidder"; this hasn't turned out well for anyone in the past. Please contact us with any questions, we're happy to help!


Threshold Delivery :: What to Expect

Your furniture will arrive packed in either a plywood crate, or in a heavy duty, custom made cardboard crate on a pallet, and will be delivered to the first dry area (usually a garage or building lobby). In most cases, independent carriers will transport your piece wrapped in padding only.  We advise on having at least one person to help you move the crate / item (if not crated).                                        


Order Total   Shipping Charge

$300 - $999.99


$1000 - $3999.99


$5000 and up




Order Total   Shipping Charge

$300 - $999.99


$1000 - $1499.99


$1500 - $4999.99


$5000 and up





Should you desire inside delivery, set-up in your room of choice and packing removal, you will need to select this option at checkout. In some cases, we can add this on and pass along the additional cost to you, but we must be notified ASAP if this was not selected at checkout. 


White Glove Service Upgrade

White Glove Service is available for an additional fee at checkout. This upgrade gets your furniture into your room of choice and includes light assembly (all our pieces are considered light assembly and as such, can be done with basic tools and our assembly instructions) and removal of all packing materials (please understand that removal of packing materials will not allow you to return your furniture, so please inspect everything for damage as it is being assembled). Rarely, there are instances where the delivery team is unable / unwilling to provide inside delivery. Should this happen, please contact us so that we can assess the reasons for refusal, and provide a refund for the additional charges if appropriate. 



Order Total 

 Shipping Charge with White

Glove Delivery Upgrade

$300 - 999.99


$1000 - $3999.99


$5000 and up



ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO & CANADA : We cannot consistently arrange White Glove Delivery Service Upgrades for deliveries in these regions.  

Please note :: Due to the changeable nature of freight shipping and delivery (in part because of the Global Pandemic), Shipping and Handling charges are non-refundable and subject to change. If there are any changes or discrepancies, we will contact you as soon as it comes to our attention. 

Exceptional Shipping Services

Exceptional shipping services are available, as necessary.  Please let us know if you require this type of specialty service upon order placement and we will quote the additional charge at that time. With proper planning we can negotiate exceptional services for you. Negotiation too close to delivery can be difficult and expensive and we would like to help you avoid this. Here are examples of exceptional delivery services: 

  • Delivery to islands (for example Martha's Vineyard, Orca Island, Florida Keys) and other remote locations where access is limited or challenging,
  • Delivery to locations that are not accessible with a delivery style box truck,¬†
  • Navigation of spiral staircases, tight hallways / turns, stairs that are steep, narrow or more than 15 total (going up or down) or other logistical challenges in your home (with White Glove Service Upgrade).¬†

Customers who are not available at the time of a scheduled delivery will be charged additional fees to reschedule delivery. This is per our Carrier Terms. 


Storage Fees

We are happy to store your furniture at no cost for up to 7 days after your order is ready to ship. We ask early in the production process for dates your will be unavailable for delivery in order to avoid mistiming of production for delivery. After 7 days, customers unable to accept delivery will be charged standard industry fees for storage:

  • 7- 14 days storage - A fee of 1% of order total per 7 days up to 14 days
  • 15 days or more - A fee of 3% of order total per 30 days up to a maximum of 90 days (3 months)

Please contact us ASAP to arrange for storage as early as possible. 


The Shipping & Delivery Process

After we book your order to be shipped, we will send you an email containing the shipping company, order or PRO number, and a tracking link to track your shipment if supplied by the shipper. If your piece(s) are shipping freight, the PRO is the freight equivalent of what UPS or FEDEX uses for tracking numbers.

If you have any questions or concerns that arise about your shipment while it is in transit, please let us know by emailing us at info@moderncre8ve. Our team will be able to handle your issue or question more efficiently when contacted in this manner. 


Inspection Responsibilities ::  IMPORTANT!

The carriers we use to ship orders work extremely hard to deliver packages and freight in perfect condition, however there are cases when items sustain damage. Inspect your delivery carefully BEFORE the carrier leaves. This is really important, as if there is damage, and you take receipt of damaged items without it being noted as such and in detail on the BOL (bill of lading), the carriers are not required to take responsibility for any damage. Please understand, once you sign for and accept delivery of your shipment as being free of damage, you are responsible for the integrity of your item(s). Alternatively, if there is apparent damage to your furniture, you may refuse delivery, noting all damage on the BOL. If after initial inspection and accepting delivery, you identify any small, concealed damage, please shoot us an email with a picture as soon as possible so we can diagnose and remedy the issue. 

Your crate should have no signs of punctures, tears, or rips in the boxing material. If you do see damage, please inspect the shipment before accepting it and have the driver notate it on the bill of lading, as detailed above. We will also need photos of the damaged crating and damage to your item sent via email or text message within 24 hours of taking delivery. 

Please consider removing your items from your crate, as opposed to moving the whole crate with the furniture in it, as it will be much lighter without the shipping crate. If your item was shipped in a cardboard crate, know that the cardboard and much of the protective packaging we use for shipping is recyclable by many municipal waste companies. Both plywood and carboard crating can also be posted on Craigslist for someone else to use (upcycling for the win!). 



Take your time to carefully unwrap the furniture. Set all pieces onto soft carpet, a large blanket or sheet, or padding to prevent scratching when assembling any parts. Larger furniture may take more than one person to install the legs and get right side up. Be mindful of setting the weight of assembled pieces on to one leg of the piece, as it will likely be too heavy and could break. Instructions for assembly are located on our website (HERE), and we are happy to email you the link if you have difficulty finding the link on our homepage.

All our furniture is shipped with a coat of wax on the surface, this helps deflect moisture as it is being shipped to different climates. Buff out any excess wax with a dry soft cloth.