Moderncre8ve: Glass Coffee Table Prototypes

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Every few months I get a block of free time (In this case, one week!) to work with some new prototype designs here at Moderncre8ve.
 This month the theme du jour was glass.I had ordered some of this 1/4" tempered glass online but wasn't able to get around to using it until the first week in December. We kept moving it around the shop from space to space until I finally broke down and said, "ok time to get this crap outta here!"
First up was this glass dining table @ 72 x 36 x 29 w/ 1/4" thick tempered glass. Still waiting on some bracket pieces back from our powdercoater (white) and then will be plugging the all of the 3/8" screw heads with white resin from smooth-on.
This piece is very clean and simple and a nice departure from some of our busier (and solid wood!) midcentury designs. This prototype piece was done out of 5/4" sappy cherry from our Amish lumber supplier, but i will inevitably have to make one out of walnut since that is what all my customers ask for!
This second piece was actually an unusable slab cutoff from another project. It is a spalted maple slab from Metro Hardwoods here in Cleveland and is 8/4" or 2" thick. The center of the slab had a massive void, so i ripped it down the center, and flipped the two live edge pieces together in the center of the piece. A small rabbet was created to inset the glass strip into down the center, which i had to custom order.
I welded a Yoshi base together out of 1/2" and 3/8" steel rod, but ended up being a little more challenging than usual since i was not able to put a center runner to weld the "sides" to. My solution to was to weld almost a sled like structure along the length of the table which gives the table the rigidity it needs in the center. This base went off to powder coating to be finished white, and the live edge will be finished with a rubberized spray coating. Everyone and their brother does slabs (yawn...) so I always try and think out of the box and to do something unique and unexpected people haven't seen before. 

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