Mid century modern furniture manufacturer Moderncre8ve

 Moderncre8ve is located in Cleveland Ohio, and specializes in Modern and Midcentury Modern hardwood furniture. All of our pieces are handmade one at a time, using locally sourced hardwood lumber from Amish country, as well as steel made here in the Cleveland area.

Moderncre8ve's philosophy harkens back when to when we were young. Our dad built our first house from the ground up, and built all of our furniture when we were kids. Growing up in this environment instilled in us early on that furniture is something that should not only serve a function and form; but be something that is timeless, beautiful, and most importantly; something that is made with love and care.

We love working with customers who respect and appreciate our craft and are passionate about our furniture...We are too! These aren't just "things" for your home but rather extensions and expressions of you! Our pieces are meant to be used and touched daily, and we believe there should be a connection and ongoing love affair with them that transcends time.

"There is love in everything we do, and our hope is that the love that goes into our furniture, will bring warmth and happiness into your home."

A portion of our profits are donated to the following charities: Charity : Water, Save the Children and Direct Relief

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." – Dalai Lama



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