Customer Service

Q: Do you make custom sizes? Where is my order? Has my order shipped? When will my order be delivered? Im having difficulty getting in touch with the carrier/shipper. 


A: Please email You may also call our support number listed on our contact page here. You may also send a live chat window located on the lower right-hand side of our website for inquires of the status and progress of your order. 

Please note after your order ships, all the shipping carriers/freight companies are independent companies and are not affiliated with us or a part of our company. We do our best to only work with the most reputable and professional carriers but the most efficient way to schedule deliveries or get updates on transit time is to contact them directly.



Finish Questions

Q: Is your finish very durable and water/spill resistant/scratch resistant? We are have children and plan on our table being "central" area of our home where it will get lots of use. 

A: Our finish is very durable and water/spill resistant. We actually use two, sometimes three finish "layers" in a single piece of furniture. Each table is sanded, then several basecoats of cross linked polyurethane is applied via a spray gun and then a final topcoat is applied. This topcoat is a very durable "commercial" grade matte finish that is so strong it is often used in flooring applications. There is no "furniture grade" finish we are aware of that is scratch resistant (besides bartop epoxy which looks horrible), so we ask our customers to be mindful of things like digging knives or sharp objects into their tables. 


We all have small children (7 kids total between us under the age of 8!) in our homes at Moderncre8ve, and use our furniture the same way you would and feel confident about the look, quality and durability of our finishes after many years of experience with all brands and kinds of finish!

Example of our finish on Santa Monica Table


Q:Is there a difference between Walnut and Black Walnut/American Walnut/Black American Walnut?

A: No, They are the same woods and these names are used interchangeably. We source our walnut from locally and work directly with the Amish sawyers and mills where we get source them from. This ensures the highest level of quality. We have been known to return lumber to the lumber mill if it does not meet our standards! As you can see by our furniture we are very familiar with walnut and work with it almost exclusively. 

A "bunk" of walnut lumber shortly after delivery.

Lumber Delivery 

Q:Some of your Walnut tables have light/blonde streaks in them that we don't like, are you able to make the table all dark with no color/tone variation?

A:Yes, however this will increase the cost of your piece and is dependent on factors such as size and the piece you are interested in. We try to match our listing photos as closely as possible.

We use the term "mixed" in the listing titles of our tables which include "sapwood" which refers to the lighter colored wood near the bark of the walnut tree. We used "plain sawn" walnut which means the log is cut into slices along the length of the tree, which then becomes lumber. This "sapwood" is found on almost every piece of walnut lumber that comes through our shop. To create a piece with no light/blonde streaks we have to remove or "rip out" this lighter colored wood, which ultimatley becomes unusable waste. Unfortunately this is waste we still have to pay for. This is why "all dark" walnut pieces comes with a premium price tag, as there is much more waste created vs a "mixed table".

 Santa Monica, Santa Monica Mixed

Q: Can i choose my slab that you will use for my dining table before ordering?

A: We are usually working on 10-30 orders at any given period in time so are unable to show you what your exact table will look like until we start it. We try to match our listing photos as closely as possible, and would be happy to send photos of your build as it progresses. Just email us if you would like photos of your table as we lay it out for glueup and before fabrication begins. Our previous customers have been very happy with their furniture, and we pride ourselves on our honesty, transparency and integrity as an online furniture seller. 

Also, please note there is a difference between a "slab" and a dining table "panel" as we woodworkers call them. A dining table panel is comprised of several different boards glued together, whereas a slab refers to a single piece of wood cut from a very large tree. We work slabs as well as well, however these things are NOT the same!


Q: Can you stain the wood a color to match an existing piece of mine?

A: We don't work with stains. We are not fond of how they look on many of the woods we work with and have run into issues on previous custom orders matching clients existing pieces. Due to the logistics of this (most customers don't have wood samples), we have decided to only finish our furniture with the "natural" looking finishes you see in our listings. 


Custom Orders + Returns

Q: Can you modify the existing dimensions of one of your pieces of furniture to fit our space?

A: Yes, Please contact us!

At least 60% of our orders are custom, and we have hundreds and hundreds of custom orders under our belt.

If you are inquiring about a dining table or coffee table, please note it is much easier (and less costly) to modify the length rather than width. Generally our width will cap out at 38"-42" wide, however there are always exceptions. Some designs we won't be able modify the width at all. Additionally, some of our pieces just don't look good very wide from a proportional standpoint; and we won't take on custom projects that we aren't proud to send out the door.


Q: I am interested in some of your steel geometric table bases for use with an existing tabletop, do you sell just the bases?

A: No, we don't sell the bases by themselves. We've made the decision we'd rather build completed pieces of furniture rather than furniture parts. We are also control freaks (in a good way of course!) and like to be "hands on" in respect to how our bases are mounted, and what they are mounted to as well as what the finished piece looks like as whole.


Q: We're ready to order but are wondering if you can have our furniture delivered faster than your lead time.

A: We are able to accommodate rush orders, however please note there will be a rush fee added to your project that varies based on the scope of the project, and the work being done. Generally, rush fees start at 150$.


Q: We're interested in having you make a custom piece that isn't on your website and have a reference image.

 A: We are more than happy to accommodate these requests as long as we are able to add our own custom "Moderncre8ve" touch to these pieces,which may include design, material, and or proportion changes or a combination of all of the latter. This means the finished piece will not look exactly like your reference image. We do not copy/reproduce/replicate other designers work, out of respect to our craft and the people in the same line of work as us. Reproducing discontinued pieces or asking us to reproduce something to avoid paying a much higher retail price tag falls under this umbrella as well. You may have luck finding a craftsman who can accommodate these reproductions here


Q: We ordered a custom piece but it doesn't work in our space, do you accept returns?

A:Refunds are not available for custom order items. You will be involved in every step of the custom order fabrication, so it is very unlikely that there will be an element to your piece you're not expecting. Each piece is made to order and we do not keep stock of items as they are made specifically for each customer. 


Q: Do you accept returns for non customized pieces?

A:We will accept returns on a case by case basis and only for the first 3 days after delivery. If a return is approved by us, the customer is responsible for ALL return shipping costs as well as material costs and labor if your item shipped via a crate.



Q: My order is shipping/shipped freight, can you describe the process? 

A:Your order will ship in what is known as a shipping crate, and be delivered curbside. We include lift gate service which means your crate will be removed from the freight truck and lowered curbside. Drivers will often move your crate on a pallet jack (basically a handheld forklift) to your garage, driveway or porch if you ask them nicely and or give a small tip. They may even help you move a crate inside, or take the shipping crate and packing materials with them after your remove the table. Every driver and delivery situation is different and there is no way to know if they will help you do these things, but never hurts to ask. 

We advise on having at least one person to help you move the crate. It is best to remove the table and legs as those are light rather than attempt to move the whole crate with the table in it.

The crate can be disassembled with a drill and hammer as we use staples and phillips head screw to make them. Some customers will leave the crates assembled and post a photo to Craigslist's free section for people to pick up for pallet wood furniture projects, firewood, construction materials etc. 

Shipping crate with dining table




Q:Where is my order? Can you call the freight company to find out?

A: We gladly assist you in getting in touch with your your carrier, but the most efficient way to a smooth delivery is to contact the carrier to inquire about delivery specifics. Thus, our preferred method is to put you directly in touch with your carrier to inquire about shipment status and delivery dates/scheduling. Once your order is completed and shipped, we provide a tracking number, (or "PRO" as freight companies call them) upon dispatch (a freight term for pickup) of your shipment. If your order is not shipping freight we will email you the appropriate contact information of your carrier for "blanket service delivery" which includes inside delivery. Please note that blanket service deliveries do not ship in a crate!

If you or need assistance for anything not covered above, please email Britt who handles our shipping department here

Both freight shipments and blanket service shipments will normally call a day in advance to schedule delivery.  


Q:Why are your shipping prices so high (ETSY), most companies offer free shipping or shipping for way less ?


A: ALL companies who sell large furniture items are not shipping for free! You are still paying for the shipping however it is "hidden" or "bundled" into the pricing of your item. Most customers will balk at some of our shipping prices, but unfortunately thats what it actually costs and we choose to not hide that information from you. Larger furniture companies play off the psychology that people don't want to actually know what shipping costs.
If we think of this in relative terms, since our prices are considerably lower than competitors selling the same quality items, you are still going to be paying the 150-350$ freight charge, (Design Within Reach or Room and Board use this technique for example) but that is hidden from you so you can get over the mental block of seeing these high shipping prices. In some examples these retailers charge an additional delivery fee or large item fee on top the shipping already hidden in the price you are paying, adding insult to injury!  Caveat emptor. 























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