Firstly, we sincerely thank you for your business!

Though we are a small (but mighty!) business, we continuously strive to provide you with the best in design, materials, construction, and service - giving you truly heirloom pieces to use and cherish for many years. In order to have the most pleasant and stress free shipping and delivery experience possible, it is important to read through all of the following information thoroughly, and contact us with any questions or concerns. 


Exciting Improvements to Our Shipping Processes

We are thrilled to announce some very positive changes to our shipping procedures. What this means for you is that over 95% of our deliveries will now be made in-home, including assembly! Until recently, we relied mostly on Freight Shipping with Threshold Delivery, which required an additional fee for White Glove service. But now, thanks to these significant improvements, we can provide you with an even better experience. For orders placed after July 1, 2023, we will work with well-vetted and highly experienced Independent Carriers who will transport your furniture to your home and assemble it in your preferred room. In cases where Freight Shipping remains the best or only option, we will promptly inform you.

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Shipping and Delivery Considerations

Right after we receive your order, our communication process with you begins. It's crucial to open and read our emails, as they contain essential information regarding the shipping and delivery of your order, as well as production updates. We understand that purchasing from an industry leader without seeing the product in person is a significant decision, and we are committed to ensuring your experience surpasses your expectations at every turn. So, please make sure to open our email communication!

The second email you will receive from us, following your Order Confirmation, will be a short Shipping & Delivery Questionnaire. This questionnaire helps us determine the best shipping and delivery method for your order. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is not to overlook this email! The amount of work involved in shipping and delivery is nearly equivalent to the effort put into manufacturing your furniture. To prepare for the questionnaire, please read the following guidance regarding...


Exceptional Shipping Services

We offer Exceptional Shipping services as needed, but we require advance notice. If you require specialized services, please inform us when completing your Shipping & Delivery Questionnaire. With proper planning, we can arrange exceptional services for you. However, last-minute negotiations close to the delivery date can be challenging and may result in additional expenses beyond what we cover in the purchase price. Examples of exceptional delivery services include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivery to NYC or Brooklyn: Unfortunately, this requires special attention. If you provided the correct shipping address when placing your order, we will intercept these orders. If you weren't able to enter this information during the ordering process or if anything has changed since then, please let us know as soon as possible,
  • Delivery to islands (e.g., Martha's Vineyard, Orca Island), remote locations with limited access, or locations unsuitable for delivery by a box truck,
  • Navigating spiral staircases, tight hallways or turns, steep or narrow stairs (more than 15 steps), or any other logistical challenges in your home. Please provide us with this information transparently (IMPORTANT: This applies if your furniture is being delivered and set up in your home),
  • Please note that customers who are unavailable at the time of a scheduled delivery may be charged additional fees for rescheduling, as per our Carrier Terms.


In the Event Your Order Requires Freight Shipping & Delivery...

For all orders requiring Freight level Shipping & Delivery, we will automatically book White Glove services. This level of service ensures that your furniture is delivered to your preferred room and includes light assembly (our pieces are considered light assembly and can be assembled using basic tools and our instructions). The delivery team will also remove all packing materials. It's important to understand that once the packing materials are removed, it will greatly increase the difficulty and cost of any returns, so please inspect everything for damage during the assembly process.

In rare instances, the delivery team may be unable or unwilling to provide inside delivery. If this situation occurs, we will promptly inform you during the booking process so you can prepare for a Threshold Level Delivery, which is explained below. However, if this occurs without prior notice from us (e.g., we booked your delivery with White Glove service, and it is refused by your delivery team), please contact us so that we can assess the situation and refund any additional charges if appropriate.


Threshold Delivery (if White Glove is not an option)

For Threshold Delivery, your furniture will arrive packed in either a plywood crate or a heavy-duty, custom-made cardboard crate on a pallet. It will be delivered to the first dry area, typically a garage or building lobby. We recommend having at least one person available to assist in moving the crate or item (if not crated). Please refer to our Assembly Instructions to ensure proper assembly of your new furniture.   


Storage Fees

We are pleased to offer complimentary storage for your furniture for up to 7 days after it's ready to ship. To avoid timing conflicts between production and delivery, we request that you provide us with the dates when you will be unavailable for delivery during the production process. After 7 days, customers unable to accept delivery will be charged standard industry fees for storage:

  • Storage of 7-14 days incurs a fee of 1% of the order total per 7 days, up to 14 days,
  • Storage of 15 days or more incurs a fee of 3% of the order total per 30 days, up to a maximum of 90 days (3 months). Please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for storage, as we do not have dedicated warehousing facilities for storing and protecting fine furniture.

Please contact us ASAP to arrange for storage as early as possible, as we are not in a "warehouse" position for storing and protecting fine furniture. 


What to Expect Regarding Communication About Your Shipping & Delivery (regardless of the method)

Once your order is booked for shipping, we will send you an email containing the Carrier name and an order or PRO number. If your order is being shipped and delivered by an Independent Carrier, the carrier will contact you to schedule the delivery. These carriers are highly professional and have years, if not decades, of experience. We kindly request that you place your trust in them and us, allowing them sufficient time to reach out to you.

For shipments delivered by a Freight Carrier, you will receive a tracking link to monitor the shipment and schedule your delivery appointment. You will also receive a PRO number, which serves as the freight equivalent of tracking numbers used by UPS or FedEx.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipment while it's in transit, please reach out to us by emailing Contacting us through email will allow our team to handle your issue or question more efficiently.


Inspection Responsibilities ::  IMPORTANT!

The carriers we work with put in significant effort to deliver your furniture in perfect condition. However, in some cases, items may sustain damage during transit. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly inspect your delivery BEFORE the carrier leaves. If there is any damage, it must be noted in detail on the BOL (bill of lading). Failure to do so will release the carriers from any responsibility for the damage. Once you sign and accept the delivery without noting any damage, you become responsible for the condition of the item(s). If there is apparent damage to your furniture, you have the right to refuse delivery, making sure to note all damages on the BOL. If you identify any small, concealed damage after accepting delivery, please notify us immediately via email with clear pictures detailing the damage. We will promptly address the issue and initiate any necessary insurance claims.


Freight Shipping & Delivery

When receiving a freight shipment, ensure that the crate shows no signs of punctures, tears, or rips. If you notice any damage, inspect the shipment before accepting it and have the driver note it on the bill of lading, as mentioned above. Additionally, please send us photos of the damaged crate and any damage to your furniture via email or text message within 24 hours of delivery.

When unpacking your furniture, it is advisable to remove the item(s) from the crate rather than attempting to move the entire crate with the furniture inside. The furniture will be much lighter without the shipping crate. If your item was shipped in a cardboard crate, please note that both the cardboard and most of the protective packaging we use for shipping are recyclable through many municipal waste companies. Alternatively, you can post the plywood or cardboard crate on Craigslist for someone else to repurpose (upcycling for the win!).


Assembly (for Threshold Level Service deliveries)

Take your time to carefully unwrap the furniture. Place all pieces onto a soft carpet, a large blanket or sheet, or padding to prevent scratching when assembling various parts. For larger furniture, it may be necessary to have more than one person help install the legs and properly position the piece. Avoid putting the weight of assembled pieces on a single leg, as it may be too heavy and prone to breaking. Assembly instructions can be found on our website (HERE), and we are happy to email you the link if you have difficulty locating it on our homepage.

All our furniture is shipped with a coat of wax on the surface to protect it during transit to different climates. Use a dry, soft cloth to remove any excess wax.