Top 4 Places to buy Modern, midcentury and Scandinavian + Danish Furniture Cleveland Ohio

by Robert William on Nov 07, 2021

Top 4 Places to buy Modern, midcentury and Scandinavian + Danish Furniture Cleveland Ohio

We've compiled a list of the best places to find mid-century furniture design here in the Cleveland Metro area. You may have to look a little harder than in some bigger cities, but if you want to buy local or drop into a local Modern furniture store, these are your best bets in the area.


Moderncre8ve (Furniture Maker) which uses walnut and other amish sourced woods to craft Danish, Scandinavian and Modern furniture pieces for your home. All items are handmade by local craftsmen and they are a nationally recognized brand and the largest manufacturer in thes niche in Ohio. While they do not have brick and mortar store, appointments can be arranged to discuss what you are looking for or see pieces in person.


Domenic Fiorello Studios

Domenic Fiorello Studios, (Furniture Maker) specializes in contemporary furniture and Home Goods. These are expertly crafted heirloom pieces that would grace any space fortunate enough to own one. Domenic graduated with a BFA in Furniture Design from Rochester Institute of Technology in 2011. Upon graduation, his product Plant Pods hit the design scene and found an instant need for production. Through Kickstarter, the help of friends, and design blogs advertising this exciting first product, he was in. Today, Fiorello has been featured in numerous publications and continues on with new and exciting products that make their way into commercial and residential spaces. Contact info available on his site.


44 Steel (Furniture Maker) specializes in Modern and minimalist furniture with an emphasis on impeccable metalwork and craftsmanship. 44 STEEL was born in 2005 when owner and designer Jason Radcliffe created his first piece of furniture. With influences from the industrial revolution, a clean modern execution, and an emphasis on handmade quality pieces, Jason continues to produce new and original products in steel and wood for 44 STEEL. Contact Jason on his website


Shred and Co (Furniture Maker) Founded by Cousins Carl and Scott, This company works in diverse mediums with one common thread across all their body of work; they are all stunning works of design and craftsmanship. From furniture pieces to customizing sprinter vans buildouts to outfitting many of the restaurants and retail spaces in the Cleveland area their work has a cohesive, Modern design aesthetic. Contact Shred and Co on their website to learn more.  


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