We've moved our workshop. It's so hard to say goodbye (kind of...)

by Robert William on Nov 22, 2016

We've moved our workshop. It's so hard to say goodbye (kind of...) Moderncre8ve

Nov 21 2015 marks the day when we moved out of our former shop within the Tyler village complex and into the new space across the street, also owned by the Greystone Group. 

We didn't necessarily want to move, but it got to the point where we ran out of space, and the floor we were on (3rd) took a different direction tenant wise. In retrospect, it may have been for the better since we outgrew our previous space probably a year and a half ago and have been climbing over each other for awhile now in very cramped quarters.


There is so much work to be done but the new space is huge and has tons of light. Underneath the nerves, we're very excited for our next home. The laundry list of work that needs to be done includes: electrical (to be able to run our machinery), plumbing (for water gas + heat) just to name a few. We also have to figure out where everything is going layout wise as were consolidating everything under one roof. We actually had TWO spaces in the old building, the workshop as well as a very large storage space that we used for photoshoots as well as lumber storage. That storage space was actually bigger than our actual workshop was is completely filled. 

One thing we debated back and forth for a few months before moving, was that a "bigger shop means we need to increase our production". A few years ago we decided we will never have a huge company and will never become a furniture company like Joybird, or even our (local) neighbors Rustbelt Reclamation. We decided instead to buy the best machinery so a smaller team (currently 4 total) can work more efficiently. Smaller is always better, less stressful, and the quality of the finished pieces is ALWAYS better.

We would rather have a steady flow of work and be hands on every project from beginning to end, rather than hire a ton of employees and churn out product. Something always gets lost when you cant be hands on every order that goes out the door. In the end, this means less headache, and gives us the flexibility to experiment with new designs, and not have the burden of expenses holding us down. Unfortunately, this means we either have to turn down orders when we get very busy, or extend our lead times. Thankfully the quality will always be there with this kind of business philosophy, and moods will be much better and easy going during the work week.  

Keep up to date with our progress on our Facebook and Instagram pages as the setup continues in the new space!








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