Close-up of the mixed walnut variations in the Sputnik dining table and bench
Sputnik Dining Set as a stylish focal point in a Mid-Century Modern-themed dining room
Handcrafted black walnut tapered legs of the Sputnik Mid-Century Modern Dining Set
Sputnik Mid-Century Modern Dining Set showcasing its beveled edges and topcoat finish
Sputnik Scandinavian Dining Table Set featuring minimalist design
[Mid Century Furniture]-[Modern Handmade Furniture]-Dining Tables-Moderncre8ve
Close-up of the Sputnik Scandinavian Dining Table Set's mixed walnut textures
[Mid Century Furniture]-[Modern Handmade Furniture]-Dining Tables-Moderncre8ve
Detailed craftsmanship in the Sputnik Scandinavian Dining Table Set's beveled edges and topcoat finish

Sputnik Mid Century Modern Dining Set

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Product Description

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The Sputnik Mid Century Modern Dining Set, Handcrafted in Ohio.


Take a step back in time while keeping a foot in the present with the Sputnik Mid-Century Modern Dining Set. This elegant set incorporates mixed walnut variations, offering both light and dark hues for a complex visual experience.


With a design parallel to our iconic Sputnik table, this dining set is handcrafted in Ohio. Skillful artisans use Amish-sourced FSC-certified black walnut lumber, ensuring a sustainable and high-quality end product. The tapered solid walnut legs lend an authentic Mid-Century Modern touch.


Our commitment to the planet is as strong as our craftsmanship. The black walnut lumber used in this dining set is FSC-certified, making it a responsible choice for the eco-conscious buyer.

Dimensions & Details

  • Dining Table: 72" L x 34" W x 30" H
  • Bench: 60" L x 14" W x 18" H
  • Beveled edges around entire tabletop and bench circumference
  • Three-part commercial-grade finish schedule with a durable topcoat finish
  • Tapered solid walnut legs


Add a touch of Mid-Century Modern flair to your dining experience. Don't wait, make the Sputnik Mid-Century Modern Dining Set yours today. 


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